Tips to Crack CPT Exam

Tips to Crack CPT Exam :

  • Focus on theory of the whole chapter before getting to example questions. Solve maximum questions from the exercise.
  • Score more than 150 marks in maths especially if you are a non-maths student .
  • Give special focus to Mercantile Law and Contract Act topics as they are very important.
  • Ensure you are very good on Integration and differentiation, correlation and regression, theoretical distribution topics, to score well in  Quantitative Aptitude.
  • Start with the law paper first as it takes maximum time in the exam.
  • First focus on scoring subjects like macro economics and mercantile law. Micro economics can be solved later and you will get more time for accounts.
  • Ask a lot of questions and get them answered from blogs like ours. There is no short cut to success. Take help of experts.

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