Quantitative Aptitude Past 12 exam analysis

We have analysed the marks weight-age for each chapter on Quantitative Aptitude for the past 12 exams. Here’s the breakdown :

-Ratio & Proportion -3 to 5 marks

-Equations -2 to 4 marks

-Inequalities -1 to 2 marks

-Simple and compound interest -4 marks

-Permutations and combinations-3-5 marks

-Arithmetic Progression-Last year about 6 q’s were asked (Important chapter)

-Sets,funs,relations- 1-3 marks

-Limits -1-3 marks

-Differentiation & Integral calculus- 5 marks sure ( Important chapter )


-Statistical description- 2-4 marks

-Measures of Central Tendency- 5 marks (Important )

-Correlation and Regression -3 -4 marks.

-Probability- 4-6 marks (Very important Chapter)

-Distributions – 3-4 marks

-sampling -3 marks

-Index number -2 marks.

Based on our analysis
*Arithmetic progression
* differentiation
*Central tendency
*Correlation and distributions.

If you study these chapters in detail then you can be very confident about scoring at least 30 marks.

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