How to prepare for the Maths section in CPT exam

Students consider maths to be the most difficult part in the CPT. How does one go about tackling the same?

It’s not 100% mathematics. Let’s split it into 3 parts: arithmetic, calculus and statistics. Arithmetic includes topics like ratio and proportion, calculation of interest etc which is usually covered in course curriculum leading up to the 12th Grade. Second part i.e. Statistics which is new for everybody and is easier to score. The third part is Calculus which is a little difficult with students with a non-math background in the 12th Grade. Topics like Derivatives and Integration which form a part of this section are complex in their own right. We suggest these students to focus heavily on Arithmetic and Statistics and leave Calculus for later attempts. This would ensure efficient time management and an attempt to cross the cut-off of 100 marks. There are also some theoretical questions which can be attempted in place of the practical ones.

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